If yes, Internet has considered itself as a greatest platform and technology in this century and become an integral part of our daily lives. It helps us as a learning and communication tool and offers us a wide range of opportunities. It is an invaluable source of knowledge and encourages creativity and imagination.


Internet ethics implies your behavior while using Internet .You should be aware that you should always be honest, respect the rights and property of others on Internet.

Step 1 : Do you share about Internet access with your family?

Sharing about Internet activity with family members is the first step to being safe in Internet. Our parents always love us and look about our safety so that they would be with us in all difficult periods. So let we share each and every thing what we do and face in Internet.

Step 2 : Do you use family Computer?

If yes, we need to follow guidelines and rules of family for accessing Internet as our family members may use for different purposes like banking, shopping etc. and sharing such sensitive information with online friends may cause for huge losses in financial terms. So before using family computer, follow family rules. Since most online games or videos may required credit card requirement to play or see to access and sometimes family members may left this information in common computer. Without their permission, we do not use the same.

Step 3 : Do you love to see videos?

Watching videos on Internet always fun and enjoyable. But the same time there are risks like malicious links that could take you to inappropriate or illegal content. If you encounter any such activity, intimate to your family member. Remind Family Members that people met online may be strangers.

Step 4 : Do you follow any celebrity in Internet?

Like any other children, we follow and chat online about our favorite celebrities in all kinds of fields. There are lots of celebrity sites, and the ones operated by the celebrities themselves or entertainment news publishers are fine. We need to be extra care of fan sites that turn up in search results but aren’t actually run by the celebrities and the people who cover them. It’s not always easy to tell, but at least they’re usually lower down in the search results.

Step 5 : Do you believe everything is right in Internet?

It’s common for students to think, Everything is on the Internet is true. But it is collection of lot of member?s views as they can write and post without any guidance and control. The Internet contains a wealth of valuable information, but it often is difficult to accessibility, low cost and wide distribution, the Internet is great medium for disseminating falsehoods and inaccuracies. It is very valuable, of course, but you should realize there are still biased views and information to market their products and agenda. We need to be careful and confirm the same by going in to various sources of Internet.

Step 6 : Do you love to play games?

Yes, Children love to play games. We always love to play online games and extend our arms to further with unknown members Internet is great opportunity for all of us to extend our friend circles. Some web sites are needed credit card details to play even though they are free. But we always play free games in Internet At the same time, we also should know that there are risks that if we share credit cards of family and the same time automated charges are also burden to family. The details and identification passed to the web site may open to others so that the identification theft may occur.

Step 8 : Do you love to be Social?

Yes, Children are social. We always in touch with friends and extend our arms to new members. Internet is great opportunity for all of us to extend our friend circles. At the same time, we also should know that there are social reasons why kids are hacked. The bullying is common as some of kids or hackers tries to post embarrassing messages by using shared password or post links to malicious sites. We should not to share passwords, even with their closest buddies, and always to close out of accounts when they’re finished using computers shared with other people ? especially those used in public, such as at school or public libraries.

Step 8 : Do you keep open your identification?

For Hackers or Attackers, Children Identification is much valuable. The criminal gets as much as information about children such as name, address, class, school name to target them. The collected information may be useful for guessing passwords of children and their parents as in general passwords of family members and related with family names. Also further they may use the same information for making friendship through online with you to get know about your family and consequently they may apply credit cards on your family member names. It is suggested to children for not to share any information related to sensitive and financial aspects in social networks and maintain privacy with known and unknown members.

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